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Solar System Installations in Southern UK

We Offer a Range of Products &
Services to Meet Your Needs

Why go Solar?

Solar is now one of the most affordable critical elements to escaping the stress that looms with your home or business's energy bill. In addition, the vanishing of the Feed-In-Tariff and most of the infrastructure around residential and rural commercial properties requiring DNO upgrades has brought about a surge in the battery market, highlighting the importance of storing unused energy produced by solar PV systems. So the case for going solar now is more vital than ever:

• Immediate energy bill savings 
• Become more energy independent (Reduce your reliance on energy from the grid)
• Premium hardware guaranteed to deliver a solid return on investment
• Take control of your energy needs with the digital tools & knowledge that we provide you
• Contribute to a greener, more sustainable way of living 

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Have a project you need assistance with? 

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Working Together

Arc Line Design was born from the desire of 2 PV specialists passionate about making a positive impact within the solar industry. Our core values of pride and integrity are abundant throughout our work every step of the way. We offer high-quality service from bespoke designs to installations through to maintenance. Leaving all our clients happy and assured that they can switch on their future today.

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Why Choose Us?

​​You'll get an installation from incentivised workers who take pride in a quality installation, not a quick one, designers who are motivated to do a detailed, bespoke design package and salespeople who aren't on commission.

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