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About Us

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About Arc Line Design

Arc Line Design provides design, supply, installation & maintenance services for various commercial & residential solar system projects across the UK.

With over 15 years of experience, we enjoy working closely with our clients, not just to create a budget-friendly option but treating each project as an investment. Choosing to work with us will create peace of mind, have a positive return on your investment and help create a cleaner, greener planet for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Adapting to renewable energy trends of the UK market, we understand the threat of rising tariffs & what this poses for us all, both the people and businesses across the nation.

Our Story

One cold winter’s day, while sipping on a steaming hot, watered-down coffee from the man in the van, waiting for the roof to defrost, Rob proposed an idea to Jonny. Having grown tired of companies trying to upsell what clients don’t need, taking advantage of their staff, cutting corners on installations and paying close attention to the poor-quality installs provided by so-called professionals, it was decided there and then that they wanted to create a company based on these principals; integrity with what we sell and pride in what we do.

And so, Arc Line Design was born.

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