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Domestic to Industrial, we install on all roofs

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Our commitment to excellence and our customers drives us to offer more and more products and services designed to provide you with multiple solutions to every need.

We use comprehensive software to give a realistic return on investment figures. PV is a significant investment for a home, so we ensure you understand all aspects of your investment.

We do not sub-contract the installation to the lowest bidder. Instead, our Sales and Design teams assist with installations. In addition, every solar system is supervised and installed by an Arc Line Design employee.

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Arc Line Design offers an unbeatable variety of services to all of our clients, big or small.

Our experience in retro-fit commercial solar system installations ranges up to 150kWp, on pitched tiled roofs to green roofs and everything in-between.

We understand the due diligence commercial clients must follow to ensure the installation meets H&S requirements. As a result, clients who decide to work with us can take advantage of our high commercial and industrial standards.

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New Build 

At Arc Line Design, we dedicate ourselves to exceptional customer service. We have vast experience in the new build sector, from interpreting specifications and liaising with architects and consultants to editing ACAD drawings.

In addition to an impressive inventory of products for all your construction needs, we also offer Energy Efficiency Consultations, Maintenance Packages and Solar Panel Repair services.

Clients often commend us on our flexibility with new builds' demands and time constraints without compromising the approved design.
Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together—Arc Line Design, at your service.

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renewable electric

Solar PV

We are independent of PV panel manufacturers.

We don't have a storage facility filled with one brand.

Therefore, we will design for the most suitable module and inverter for your system.

Installing Solar Panel

Battery Storage

Are batteries financially viable for everyone? Not always. However, many installers will suggest battery storage without assessing your energy usage.

We will only suggest battery storage after assessing your usage and explaining who long it will take to get a return on your investment

EV Chargers

There are a number of manufacturers of EV chargers who ensure you divert more of your PV generation to your car. We are qualified and registered to fit these.

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